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Drain Repair Metairie

Thank you for taking the time to check out Metairie drain repair. We are a locally owned and operated drain repair company that services Metairie and New Orleans including surrounding parishes. We know how stressful it can be to know that something is wrong underneath your home. rest assured that we are experts in under slab pipe repair. The pros at battery drain repair focus on mainly cleaning and repairing drains underground. While most plumbers do a multitude of services battery drain repair focuses only on drains. We believe that it’s important to be focused on one thing and to be an expert in the field. So if you are having problems underneath your slab or home and need an evaluation or a video pipe inspection we are the company for you. We also service clogged drains and pipes. Whether you need a pipe roto-rooted or water jet we can handle it for you. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs and get to you as quickly as possible. If you need assistance please just give us a call and we’ll be glad to come out and give you an estimate. But due to the overwhelming problems and the New Orleans area sometimes we are extremely busy. Please be patient with us and we’ll be sure to get back with you.

Most of the homes in New Orleans and Metairie were built using cast iron pipe. While cast iron pipe has a lifespan of over 50 years oftentimes the moisture in the soil and the nature of our environment can erode over time. Scaling happens inside of these pipes which tends to catch paper products such as toilet paper. After enough toilet paper or debris gets caught up in the pipe it can cause serious problems in your home. When this happens a professional is called out to clean out the pipes. If this is happening on a regular basis you may have more concerning issues going on. It is a good idea to get a video pipe inspection. Once a pipe inspection is done our experts can evaluate the problem and offer solutions. Once again if you have any questions or concerns please give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer them.

About Us

Metairie drain repair offers a ride variety of services. We pride ourselves on being an essential business in the New Orleans and Metairie area. If you are having plumbing issues under your home we have the equipment and the expertise to get it taken care of. Below you will see a list of our services we offer. Of course I will qualify plumbers have the ability to do other things so if there is a multitude of things that you need done around your home feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to give you a competitive estimate.

Video Pipe Inspection

Let us peek into your pipes. Video Imspection find out whats going on.

Under Slab Repairs

We get down and dirty for your underslab repairs. Call us today for a free estimate.

Sewer and drain Cleaning

If your pipes are clogged, we can handle it. We have sewer and auger equipment to get the job done.

On Demand Water Heater

Now Offering on-demand water haeter installation.

video pipe Inspection

A video pipe inspection is a great way to see inside of your pipes. Unfortunately this is sometimes the only way that we can assess problems and see what needs to be done. What’s an inspection is ordered our professional will come in to find a point of entry and run a small camera through your pipes. We will start from the end and go all the way to the street. The video will be recorded so the homeowner will be able to send a copy to their insurance company or keep one for their records. Upon inspection our technicians are looking for buildup of scaling standing water, cracked pipes, deteriorated pipes, or blockages. Once problems are found our technicians can locate them above the ground as to know what the next steps may be. We do offer inspections for new home buyers as well as those selling a home to make sure that there is no problems before listing. We do offer discounts if problems are found and work is done.

Under Slab Drain Repair

If a video pipe inspection finds problems that need to be addressed our crew will come in locate the closest place to address the problem. Our crew will tunnel underneath the house to replace any broken or deteriorated pipe. While this is quite an undertaking our crew are trained to do this and usually can be done within 3to 4days of starting. Pricing varies but is done by the foot that needs to be replaced. Once all tunneling is done the old pipe is cut out and a new PVC pipe is ran. It is hung with stainless steel hangers and attached to the slab of the home. This is to ensure that there is no sagging or dropping. We do our best to work with insurance companies although sometimes only the damaged pipe is covered. but if you are looking to get the entire piping replace we will do our best to offer any discounts available. Once drain pipes are replaced underneath the home you can expect to have smooth sailing from now on. New pipes clog less often and PVC pipes do well in the moist soil in the area. Once the repair is done our crew will come back in and backfill all of the mud into the hole.


A clogged pipe can cause major damage to your home. If you suspect you have a clogged drainage pipe stop running any water and using any of the facilities. Call us immediately so that we can come out and clear the clog. Most clogs can be cleared from outside the home as long as there is a clean out available. But there is not a clean out available oftentimes The toilet must be removed and run from inside. our team will lay down cardboard and plastic to make sure to keep your bathroom clean and free from debris. all our technicians clean up after themselves and make sure that your toilet is reset properly. Once a clog is cleared all pipes and waters are run to make sure that they clog is no longer a problem. So if you have a drain pipe that is backing up make sure to call us today to get the issue taken care of.


Metairie drain cleaning is proud to offer on-demand water heater installation. These on-demand water heaters are energy efficient and never run out of hot water. They are a great addition to any home. On-demand water heaters operate only when they are needed. This concerns energy. They also warm water as needed so that way you never run out of hot water. so if you want to take a 6-hour long hot shower you have the ability to do so. These heaters can either be installed inside or on the exterior of the home. While electrical on demand water heaters do exist we recommend using a gas heater if possible. These are more energy efficient and do a great job. so before you replace your old taint water heater give us a call to get an estimate on an on-demand water heater and never run out of hot water again. Again we are excited to begin to offer this awesome service.

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Don’t wait a second longer, give us a call today. If you are having any drainage problems, give us a call for a video pipe inspection today. We’ll be glad to come out and give you an unbiased expert opinion on your situation. All of our work is done by license and insured technicians.

I had to get some drains replaced in my home. I call out Metairie Drain Repair and they did a great job.


I was panicking! I had water coming out of the tub from the drain. I call these guys up right away. They cam our right away and fixed the problemĀ 

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Awesome crew and company. I cannot be happier with the job they completed. I inherited my mothers home and it had all sorts of drainage problems. Metairie Drain Cleanning saved me thousands of dollars.

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